June 18, 2019, - Bp Home Investment.

Earth is facing the greatest challenge of the century! Global warming has begun to radically alter the life of living species on earth while the human factor is helping the process through the contribution it is giving to the climate system. Carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by the trees, which is then released into oxygen, has never been before as today, and according to scientists, this change has started since the Industrial Revolution.

Raising temperatures, melting glaciers, elevating sea levels, extreme natural events, all of this is due to global warming, which is being triggered by the careless actions of the human factor. On the other hand, it is a worrying fact that the massive growth of the world’s population, which, according to the analysis, results in the rise in population of at least 3 million people in the next twenty years. But what is really behind this data and why do they matter for the future of existence on earth?